Eure has always been agricultural and dairy land, thanks to the strength of its soil, the richness of its grazing, the quality of its production and its famed tradition. With its 9000 farmers, Eure enjoys a dynamic agricultural environment thanks to its exceptional production sectors such as that of flax and linen. Not many people know this, but Eure is the second largest producer of flax in the world.

More recently, the farm at Bec-Hellouin, created by a couple of committed enthusiasts, has inspired natural farms around the world. From 2001 to 2015, the Bec-Hellouin Farm has been in a research programme partnership with the Inra and with AgroParis Tech. As a result the farm has gained international visibility and recognition, and become the spearhead of the micro-farm movement in France. 

Running through Eure is the River Seine and its exceptional meandering course, its limestone cliffs, its 133,000 ha and its 59 of sensitive natural spaces, where a rich and remarkable biodiversity is developing.