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The Poplar Farm

Imagine a bed of fruit delicately covered with a layer of smooth buttery cream… All the generosity of the delicious milk from Normandy, with its long finish on the palate. You’re not dreaming… Such yoghurts really do exist. And in fact, 12 million of them are sold every year in…

Alain Passard’s vegetable garden

“The best cookbooks are written by nature”. As if she was conducting an orchestra, Mother Nature provides the rhythm and fills our plates, as the seasons revolve. But for that to happen, she must be respected.  That is Alain Passard’s creed: he is a pioneer and visionary, a triple starred chef…

David Gallienne

It’s not a coincidence that this young and talented chef has settled in Giverny to direct the superb establishment known as the Jardin des Plumes (Garden of Feathers). Had he not been caught up in the passion of high end cuisine, he would have been a gardener.

Cluizel Chocolates

Of all the fruits that mother nature has given us, the cocoa bean is one of the hardest to transform. As secret as it is subtle, chocolate in its original state is a rough diamond. Clearly the Cluizel family is addicted to challenges! For the past 72 years, succeeding generations…


On 26 March 2019, John Casali was awarded the Oscar for best sound editing, for Bohemian Rhapsody. What does this have to do with Eure ? It was through the use of an extraordinary machine known as the Cantar, the Rolls-Royce of portable recorders made for audiovisual professionals.

Berger Lamps

As precious as they are efficient, as iconic as they are modern, each creation is evocative of the art of living, each colour invites one to dream, to travel. Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso could not resist their charm……

ArianeGroup Vernon

Mission accomplished! The latest in the long Ariane saga. On 26 November last, the 250th Arine rocket roared off from Kourou in Guyana and placed itself in perfect geostationary orbit for its two clients’ telecommunication satellites.

Eure Sporting Meet

This is the most notable of sporting centres in the greater north west part of France. The Jesse-Owens covered stadium in Val-de-Reuil nothing less than a cathedral dedicated to sports in general and to athletics in particular, enabling indoor disciplines to be practised in excellent conditions.

Louise Gréco

Lousie Gréco has just turned 18, but is looking far ahead. Or should we say she’s looking ahead and upwards: she is a pole jumper. She regularly breaks the 4 m barrier in national and international competitions, and the young athlete, from the town of Pont-Audemer, entered the very exclusive…

The house of Pierre Bonnard

The image of a painter who embodies happiness, a tranquil father cosily hidden away in his Normandy house, by the side of Marthe, his beloved wife, who obsessed him as a model, still survives. Poetically nicknamed “Ma Roulotte” (“My Caravan”), the house with the wooden balcony still echoes with the…

Ravel House

Nestling at the heart of one of Europe’s greatest beech forests, Lyons-La-Forêt has sheltered, it is said, the secret love affairs of one President of the Republic, two Prime Ministers, numerous artists and a King or two.

The Mill At Andé

Nestling in a branch of the Seine River, between Paris and Rouen, the Mill is an exceptional location, with an extraordinary destiny. In 1957, under the aegis of its owner, Suzanne Lipinska, the Mill became dedicated to artistic creation. Very quickly it turned into a gathering place for intellectuals and…


What do the following have in common: the American Claire Brazeau, the Japanese Shoko Ikeda, the French François Leleux or the Greek Dimitris Kitsos? They are all internationally renowned for their skill as oboists, and all of them play on exceptional instruments made by Maison Marigaux, located at Couture-Boussey.

The Source Residence

“Painting is not an end in itself, but a means to acquiring knowledge”, as Gérard Garouste never tires of saying.  An internationally renowned artist, elected to the Beaux Arts Academy in 2017, Gérard Garouste’s works are exhibited around the world. Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Brussels and London are…

The Chateau on the Field of Battle

“We are seeing a sort of consensus in white and beige in palaces. There is no risk-taking, only boredom!” This is not the case of the Jacques Garcia style, one of the most brilliant decorators of his time, whose reputation went beyond the borders.

Wax Tailor

He is one of the best ambassadors of the ‘French Touch’ around the world. Has name is famous from Paris to Tokyo, from New York to Los Angeles. He accompanies dancers on the greatest stages around the world, collaborating with artists such as Sharon Jones, Ursula Rucker, Keziah Jones, Aloe…

The Company of the Little Fields

When you are the son of the President of the prestigious Academy of Agriculture, and the grandson of the famous Eure breeder, Robert Hervieu, you cannot escape your destiny. Although Clément Hervieu-Léger, an influential member of the Comédie-Française, chose the stage as a means of self-expression, he did not lose…

The Beau Geste Company

Inseparable from his trademark hat, his humour and simplicity: with Dominique Boivin, nothing is ever conventional. Single-handedly, he embodies the movement of new French dance, and in his own way, presents the works of the great contemporary choreographers of the 20th century, such as Lucinda Childs, Meg Harper, Martha Graham, …


It might even be argued that Claude Monet’s masterpiece is the garden at Giverny. Although he was the father of Impressionism, he was also the pioneer of land art, and transmuted nature into art. People from around the world never stopped recognising his genius (more than 700,000 visitors in 2019)…