Picasso and the Chateaux at Boisgeloup

Human figure busts undergo deconstruction. Giant heads with protuberant profiles are created. Portraits overflow with a soothing eroticism. Unexpected recuperated objects absorb the creative spirit…


In 1930, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) the enchanter, had been married to Olga for more than 10 years. Despite his success, he was bored. He felt hemmed in by Paris, and so, tired of the Parisian niceties, the Andalusian artist exiled himself in the Chateau at Boisgeloup, a few kilometres from Gisors. In his sculpting studio, in the vast 18th-century gentleman-of-leisure stables, he found the haven of peace he was seeking. After 30 years of creation combining classicism and Cubism, Pablo Picasso turned his stay in the Eure into a new artistic language. 


This was a time of intense production and devouring passion with Marie-Thérèse Walter, his muse and mistress. As a painter, sculptor,engraver and ceramicist, his genius was recognised in his lifetime, and today ten or so museums around the world are exclusively dedicated to his work. 


The Chateaux at Boisgeloup is occupied today by Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s grandson.

Practical infos

Château de Boisgeloup
2 Rue du Chêne d'Huy
27140 Gisors


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