The Chateau on the Field of Battle

“We are seeing a sort of consensus in white and beige in palaces. There is no risk-taking, only boredom!” This is not the case of the Jacques Garcia style, one of the most brilliant decorators of his time, whose reputation went beyond the borders. The Hotel Danieli Venice is by him. So is Fouquet’s in Paris. He also decorated the Hotel Royal and the Casino in Deauville. He is gifted with extreme sensitivity, and appropriates the souls of places and the people who live there, transforming them into sumptuous palaces. 

But it was the restoration of the residence of the Sultan of Brunei, on Vendome Square, that enabled him to acquire the Chateau on the Champ de Bataille in 1992. It took 20 years of passion to complete the work. It is a house worthy of the Sun King, housing exceptional art collections. The drawings for the 138-hectare Park were done by Le Nôtre. Who can fail to admire its ponds, its antique theatre, its 60,000 boxwood trees, its orchid greenhouses… and the genius of the creator of this unique location in the Eure?

Practical infos

Château du Champ de Bataille
8 route du Château
27110 Sainte-Opportune-du-Bosc

02 32 34 84 34


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