The Source Residence

“Painting is not an end in itself, but a means to acquiring knowledge”, as Gérard Garouste never tires of saying. 

An internationally renowned artist, elected to the Beaux Arts Academy in 2017, Gérard Garouste’s works are exhibited around the world. Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Brussels and London are all keen to display his paintings.

Nevertheless it is in the Eure countryside that the artist has elected to reside, for more than 30 years.  In a haven of greenery, in the peaceful village of La Guéroulde, in the southern part of the Department, the artist realised a life’s dream in creating La Source, providing an extraordinary path for awakening children to art and knowledge.

In founding the Association, Gérard Garouste was not seeking to create an art school to help children become artists. What he did seek to do was show that art is a real source of awakening. It is immediately obvious every year, when seeing the dozens of schoolchildren but also other young people, in much more difficult human situations, smiling, blossoming out, rising above difficulties and finding their path at La Source that the rightness of Gérard Garouste’s idea becomes apparent: Art has the extraordinary ability to awaken the desire for knowledge. And this awakening takes place in the Eure.

Practical infos

La Source-La Guéroulde
3 rue de la Poultière
27160 La Guéroulde

02 32 35 91 41


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