Wax Tailor

He is one of the best ambassadors of the ‘French Touch’ around the world. Has name is famous from Paris to Tokyo, from New York to Los Angeles. He accompanies dancers on the greatest stages around the world, collaborating with artists such as Sharon Jones, Ursula Rucker, Keziah Jones, Aloe Blacc, Charlie Winston, Alice Russell, Charlotte Savary and many others; he has even linked his talents to a symphony orchestra.

Ever since he started, Wax Tailor, the tailor of wax, has crisscrossed the paths between rap, trip-hop and electro, with albums that have become a reference, including in the United States, where listeners can be very demanding. But it is in Vernon that Jean-Christophe Le SaoĆ»t, Wax Tailor when he’s on stage, lives and works. This is the town that saw him grow up, that saw his career grow, breaking down barriers between musical genres, inventing a music without borders, always inspired and full of talent.

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Wax Tailor


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